MOLDS 2 (general)
A great combination of Geek culture and Christianity. We talk about Ghosts, Star Trek, Sparkly Vampires, The Big Bang, and where God fits into it all!

The MOLDS 2 crew  talks Endgame predictions

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In this edition of the show, we discuss Heaven and Hell. What are they? What does popular culture say about them? What does the Bible say?

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In this episode we interview 4! Special guests that span everything from comics to Star Wars to Pokémon to Flash Gordon. Who are these guests? Tune in to find out!

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In this episode we discuss the Va comic con, the market price of Pop Vinyls, Ladybug cosplay, and many other things!

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In this episode, we discuss horror in childrens films, from Disney to Cartoon Network. We also talk about fairy tales and yes even a little about ratings on video games! It's a full fun episode and a bit super sized!

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77-Same MOLDS Time... Same MOLDS station

in this edition of the show we discuss what we have been watching! From animated to reality we discuss it all!

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72-Onsies for Life

In this episode, The MOLDS discuss the upcoming surgery where a man will be getting a full body transplant. They also touch on Star Trek (Shocker) as well as why Onsies are amazing!

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DC & Ed sit down with two of the developers of Ultima Online and discuss the game, Ferrits that stab you in the back, the green knight and how much he sux, marriage gifts & much more!

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62-3 Seeds/ Chara Games interview

In this episode, the MOLDS 2 crew talks with Patrick Lysaght, creator of Chara games!


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61-*Steaks Not Included

The MOLDS discuss Cons while DC talks with Jillian Ryan, Brian O'Halloran, and Bryan Tillman about Cosplay, all night gaming, and a few other things!

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60-Close Encounters of the MOLDS kind

We discuss Aliens in this episode. From Mac and E.T. to Lando! We also talk about our thoughts on the possibility of life out there and how God fits into all of it!

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59-Weaponized Hot Wheels

In this episode, we talk all things E-Sports!

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58-The Fork Is Mightier Than The Adipose

In this episode, the MOLDS talk about hand held devices, from Pens to lightsabers, to magic wands, we cover a lot! remember, may the fork be with you!

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57-Happy Valentine's Day!

This episode is all about Valentine's Day! what do we suggest as the perfect date? What do we suggest as the perfect gift? find out on this all new addition of our show!

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56-Master MOLDS Theatre

In this edition of MOLDS episode 2, we discuss books, Disney, and much more!

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55-Leprechaun Autopsy

The MOLDS talk about bad movies!

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Christmas Special

The MOLDS discuss what Christmas means to them!

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53-The Legend Of JuJu Binks

We come from 20 years in the future to talk about the imminent changes George Lucas will make to episode 7... or it could just be the ancient Koolickles...

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The MOLDS get together to celebrate and discuss all things Thanksgiving!!!

Dressing or Stuffing?

Sweet Potatoes or Yams?

Whole berry or Jellied cranberries?

These questions and many more are answered in this very special edition!

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51-Death is an Ashen Little Pony

In this episode The MOLDS crew talks about a very GRAVE subject... Death. From the hooded figure to the grave and what the Bible has to say!

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The MOLDS talk to Mike Barrett as he discusses His new comic on Kickstarter NYPDD! Listen in as we discuss Remote controlled cadavers and the many implications of doing something like that. We also talk a bit about the 4 Bronies of the Apocalypse! BOOM!

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49-Chucky on a Shelf

We discuss the best of the best Scary movies for Halloween!

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48-To DM or not DM

Join us as we discuss the question "Are RPGs evil?"

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47-Some Words With Tony Wolf

In this episode we chat with Christian Comedian Tony Wolf about Compassion International, Cinderella, Pizza, Minecraft, Peanut butter mixed with bacon fat, and of course... scrapple!

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Join the MOLDS crew as we spend some time celebrating Talk like a pirate game while playing an amazing pirate card game "Skallywaggs" which is on Kickstarter as we speak! listen, share, and back this project!

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45-Marvel Vs DC 2

Join the MOLDS as they discuss Marvel Vs DC Movies!

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44-GIANT Robots

Join us as we talk Giant robots, robots in general, other mechs, and even the Tin Man from Oz.

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43-MARVEL VS. DC part1

Dark Legacy creator Bryan "Kaiser" Tillman joins us in studio to discuss Marvel and DC the comicverses!

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42-VR Killed The Video Star with*CHRISTOPHER INLOW*

The MOLDS crew is visited by Actor Christopher Inlow as we discuss his various roles including a role in the first ever VR movie! Also discussed is the history of Pizza, another look at Reboots and much much more!

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41-CritMiss 2.0

Join us as we celebrate our second annual CritMiss Holiday! So grab a box of chocolate covered scorpians, and a bag full of D20s and join in with the festivities!

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40-Post Awesomecon 2015

We went, we saw, we got a little AWESOME! listen in as we talk about the one and only AWESOME CON... er the second one we went to.

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Listen in as we are joined by Chris Rice and discuss reboots! from Mad Max to broadway, there is nothing we wont look at!

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38-Awesome Con 2015 Preshow!

The MOLDS guys sit down to chat with Ben Penrod The mind behind Awesome Con in DC! hear what it was like to plan and put on a con. He also shares a little tidbit that has yet to be revealed to the public!

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37-Post Con of the Mountain Special

Join the MOLDS2 as we talk about our latest appearance at the fantastic Con of the Mountain!

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MOLDS Adventures

Join the MOLDS as they explore a haunted location with new friends they met while staying in Beautiful Clifton Forge, Va! Ghost stories, and even an impromptu EVP session! did we all make it out alive? Did we meet an elusive ghost? did we find where that Juicy fruit smell was coming from? all will be answered!

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35-Barbie and the Supercomputer

Join us as we discuss Tech in all it's glory! from the Casette tape and Record player, to the video games industry. Lots of fun!

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34-Swedish Hamburgle Bro

The MOLDS try to talk about technology and get sidetracked by the ever wonderful Kickstarter! Find out what projects we are backing and what we have backed in the past!

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33-Dungeon of Solitude

Join us as we try to discuss the mythic Geek Dungeon. Like a man-cave only cooler and available for men and women! A lot was also discussed about Gaming in general and find out what Board Game Ed hates more than any other!

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Gotta Catch 'Em All:The Vic Mignogna Interview

DC and Ed sit down with Superstar Vic Mignogna to discuss everything from the many roles He's voiced to standing true to what you believe in as well as Gene Roddenberry and William Shatner!

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31-Clash of the Fanboys

Our own MOLDS have a fanboy/fangirl showdown to see who will take the crown!

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30-I Have a Dream

The MOLDS crew tackles the topic of equality using examples from science fiction and fantasy to celebrate Martin Luther King Day!

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29-Attack Of The Spores

Join us as we discuss the past present and future of the MOLDS episode 2 podcast and how you can help spread spores that will grow the MOLDS!

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MOLDS Christmas Special

Happy Holidays from your friends at MOLDS episode 2! We are joined by a very special guest as we take a look at our favorite holiday moments and what the season means to us!

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27-Mickey MOLDS club

The MOLDS welcome a special guest to the show to discuss all things Disney in this SUPER-SIZED edition of MOLDS episode 2!

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26-Shatterdome Talk

Ed and DC, cohosts of MOLDS record an episode at the Shatterdome con with a bunch of special guests! we talk about the con, Pacific Rim, Pan's Labyrinth, The Strain, action figures, Home Possesion, X-men, and much more!

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25-Rooty Tooty Fresh and MOLDSy

The MOLDS guys answer some interview questions, have some dinner, and discuss the first day of Shatterdome Con!

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24-Harry and The MOLDS

Come join us on an adventure as we search the wilds of Va to hunt down the elusive Bigfoot! did we find him? did we ORD? find out in this very exciting edition of MOLDS episode 2!!!

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23-Ghost (Pepper) Stories

Join us as we take on the dreaded Ghost pepper and then try to talk about scary movies, games, books, and more!

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22-Urban Legends

Join us as we discuss the fun things that scare us into doing right... the Urban Legend!


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21-Toy Hall of Fame

Join us as we discuss something beyond exciting... The Toy Hall of Fame! Which toys do you think should be inducted this year?

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Pirates Vs. Vikings

In this edition of the show, The MOLDS are visited by Carl Yonder (of the comic series "Pirate Eye") and his wife Sarah Yonder (who has reached MOLDS 2 super-fan status)as we debate which were better...Pirates or Vikings!!!

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19-What if?

In this edition of our show, we discuss a few different what if scenarios! From Alien abductions to time travel, this is one of our funniest episodes ever! enjoy!

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In this edition of MOLDS episode 2, we talk about our past year. how the MOLDS guys came together, what MOLDS means, Why a podcast, and many more memories! Join us as we are joined by our newest cohost while enjoying the conversation!

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17-Night Of The Living MOLDS

Baricade the doors and board up the window, it's all about Zombies in this latest edition of MOLDS episode 2! From the big screen to real news stories and conspiracies, we tackle the issues while keeping our brains!

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In this episode, we look back... way back... to our childhood! take a journey with us back to simpler times filled with happy meals and army men!

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15-From Dusk Till Twilight

With Special guest host Christina in studio, we decided to revisit all that is the vampire...then got way off topic! A perfect companion to our previous batman episode!

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14-Batman's Belated Birthday!

We welcome, in this edition, special guest host Christina to talk with the MOLDS abot all that is The Batman! Come with us on a trip that explores Batman TV, comics, and movies! then Like, share, and comment!

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In this edition of MOLDS episode 2, we explore the great outdoors! everything from Grilling to squathching and even Disc golf! Listen to us as we sparkle!!!

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CritMiss Spectacular

The MOLDS crew celebrate their totally awesome created holiday based on Failure, CritMiss Day! Join us as we discuss our own stories of Critical Misses in this very special edition of MOLDS episode 2! Like and Share! Merry CritMiss!!!

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10-Father's Day Special

DC, Jimmy, and Ed discuss Fathers day and their own fathers in this very special heartfelt edition of MOLDS episode 2!

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Mother's Day Special

In this episode we discuss a very important person to each of us, our mothers. Listen to us talk about our moms then leave a comment about yours!

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1.6: Ghosts, Demons, and Aliens...Oh My!

So, here we are again with special guest Dustin! In this show, we discuss those things that go bump in the night! We talk about Demons, Ghosts, and more!

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Our Pilot episode, The MOLDS crew explores the possibility of an ultimate battle between the Star Wars universe and the Star Trek universe.

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