A great combination of Geek culture and Christianity. We talk about Ghosts, Star Trek, Sparkly Vampires, The Big Bang, and where God fits into it all!
33-Dungeon of Solitude

Join us as we try to discuss the mythic Geek Dungeon. Like a man-cave only cooler and available for men and women! A lot was also discussed about Gaming in general and find out what Board Game Ed hates more than any other!

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Gotta Catch 'Em All:The Vic Mignogna Interview

DC and Ed sit down with Superstar Vic Mignogna to discuss everything from the many roles He's voiced to standing true to what you believe in as well as Gene Roddenberry and William Shatner!

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31-Clash of the Fanboys

Our own MOLDS have a fanboy/fangirl showdown to see who will take the crown!

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