A great combination of Geek culture and Christianity. We talk about Ghosts, Star Trek, Sparkly Vampires, The Big Bang, and where God fits into it all!

we discuss the robots and their amazing abilities. We discuss how much Ed loves them and awaits their eventual lead!

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In this episode we interview 4! Special guests that span everything from comics to Star Wars to Pokémon to Flash Gordon. Who are these guests? Tune in to find out!

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In this edition of the show, we discuss all things Halloween! Learn about the new Skeleton tradition as well as the Clown in the closet! Also hear about one spooky site we saw at Fayetteville Con! It’s a spookyacular ride!

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In this episode we discuss the Va comic con, the market price of Pop Vinyls, Ladybug cosplay, and many other things!

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In this edition of the show we discuss TV shows, Games, and take multiple things that don't go together and MAKE them go together.

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In this episode, we discuss horror in childrens films, from Disney to Cartoon Network. We also talk about fairy tales and yes even a little about ratings on video games! It's a full fun episode and a bit super sized!

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In this episode we talk about horror. Movies, literature, how to write a good horror story and much more!

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In this special edition of the show, The MOLDS talk to 3 special guests while at Awesome con! Listen in and find out just who we talked to! 

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we are joined by our friends from Instant Replay live and Nick (creator of the comic Quinn-Finity) to discuss everything from video games to comics! Great time! Great show!

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In this day late CritMiss special, we tell more tales of our failures and celebrate the ability to move forward from them!

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In this episode, the MOLDS2 crew discuss all kinds of random nonsense... what was the topic supposed to be anyway??? The world may never know...

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In this edition of the show we talk about ESports, food trucks, and D&D! We also discuss the new Nintendo Switch and Zelda! Want to know how to quickly paint a lot of minis with minimal effort quickly? That's also on this episode! 

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The MOLDS talk to and are amazed by a real magician who talks magic, performing, the secrets of the business and shows some tricks! 

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In this episode we discuss heroes. What makes a hero, are we heroes, how can we be a hero? We also look at many things including Batman Vs Superman, Marvel civil war, and the X-Men.

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79-Trail of The Streaming MOLDS

In this episode we discuss streaming. What services we use, what we watch and how we can watch certain things while remaining true to our faith.

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In this episode the MOLDS crew discuss resolutions and the new year!

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77-Same MOLDS Time... Same MOLDS station

in this edition of the show we discuss what we have been watching! From animated to reality we discuss it all!

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