A great combination of Geek culture and Christianity. We talk about Ghosts, Star Trek, Sparkly Vampires, The Big Bang, and where God fits into it all!
MOLDS Christmas Special

Happy Holidays from your friends at MOLDS episode 2! We are joined by a very special guest as we take a look at our favorite holiday moments and what the season means to us!

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27-Mickey MOLDS club

The MOLDS welcome a special guest to the show to discuss all things Disney in this SUPER-SIZED edition of MOLDS episode 2!

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26-Shatterdome Talk

Ed and DC, cohosts of MOLDS record an episode at the Shatterdome con with a bunch of special guests! we talk about the con, Pacific Rim, Pan's Labyrinth, The Strain, action figures, Home Possesion, X-men, and much more!

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25-Rooty Tooty Fresh and MOLDSy

The MOLDS guys answer some interview questions, have some dinner, and discuss the first day of Shatterdome Con!

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24-Harry and The MOLDS

Come join us on an adventure as we search the wilds of Va to hunt down the elusive Bigfoot! did we find him? did we ORD? find out in this very exciting edition of MOLDS episode 2!!!

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23-Ghost (Pepper) Stories

Join us as we take on the dreaded Ghost pepper and then try to talk about scary movies, games, books, and more!

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22-Urban Legends

Join us as we discuss the fun things that scare us into doing right... the Urban Legend!


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21-Toy Hall of Fame

Join us as we discuss something beyond exciting... The Toy Hall of Fame! Which toys do you think should be inducted this year?

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Pirates Vs. Vikings

In this edition of the show, The MOLDS are visited by Carl Yonder (of the comic series "Pirate Eye") and his wife Sarah Yonder (who has reached MOLDS 2 super-fan status)as we debate which were better...Pirates or Vikings!!!

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19-What if?

In this edition of our show, we discuss a few different what if scenarios! From Alien abductions to time travel, this is one of our funniest episodes ever! enjoy!

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In this edition of MOLDS episode 2, we talk about our past year. how the MOLDS guys came together, what MOLDS means, Why a podcast, and many more memories! Join us as we are joined by our newest cohost while enjoying the conversation!

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17-Night Of The Living MOLDS

Baricade the doors and board up the window, it's all about Zombies in this latest edition of MOLDS episode 2! From the big screen to real news stories and conspiracies, we tackle the issues while keeping our brains!

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In this episode, we look back... way back... to our childhood! take a journey with us back to simpler times filled with happy meals and army men!

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15-From Dusk Till Twilight

With Special guest host Christina in studio, we decided to revisit all that is the vampire...then got way off topic! A perfect companion to our previous batman episode!

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14-Batman's Belated Birthday!

We welcome, in this edition, special guest host Christina to talk with the MOLDS abot all that is The Batman! Come with us on a trip that explores Batman TV, comics, and movies! then Like, share, and comment!

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In this edition of MOLDS episode 2, we explore the great outdoors! everything from Grilling to squathching and even Disc golf! Listen to us as we sparkle!!!

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CritMiss Spectacular

The MOLDS crew celebrate their totally awesome created holiday based on Failure, CritMiss Day! Join us as we discuss our own stories of Critical Misses in this very special edition of MOLDS episode 2! Like and Share! Merry CritMiss!!!

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10-Father's Day Special

DC, Jimmy, and Ed discuss Fathers day and their own fathers in this very special heartfelt edition of MOLDS episode 2!

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Kevin Sorbo Spectacular

The MOLDS crew listen and discuss the interview that our own DC Harlow scored while at Awesomecon!

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Mother's Day Special

In this episode we discuss a very important person to each of us, our mothers. Listen to us talk about our moms then leave a comment about yours!

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In this episode, we discuss Table-top games and the snacks we love to eat while playing them! a deliciously fun episode! we also talk about the lack of Christian games and what we can do to remedy that! We will be at Awesome con this weekend in DC! enjoy the show, then come hang out with us at the con!

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1.6: Ghosts, Demons, and Aliens...Oh My!

So, here we are again with special guest Dustin! In this show, we discuss those things that go bump in the night! We talk about Demons, Ghosts, and more!

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1.5: Curse of The Were-Wookie

In this episode, we once again chat with guest Christina! We talk about all things shapeshifting! Were-wolves, The wonder twins, Odo, and yes, even Were-Wookies are discussed! Spread the word, let your friends know about us! Like our Facebook page, and Share us! We will also Be at Awesomecon in Washington D.C. , so come on down, and hang with us! It will be a lot of fun!

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1.4: Sparkly Vampires

In this episode we talk to special guest Christina about all things vampire...including the sparkly kind...

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1.3: Geek Equality

In this episode we talk about gender equality in Geek culture. How are women treated in the gaming industry, the comic industry, and the film industry? We also talk about things like stereotypical thoughts on women in the community, LARPing, Cosplay, and other related topics. In this episode we also touch on logging long hours into games and monks. A fun filled load of topics all inspired by the geek women we love!

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MOLDS Episode 2 :1.2

In this episode, we explore what super powers we would like to have, as well as our favorite geek movies, and what it's like being a christian geek!

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Our Pilot episode, The MOLDS crew explores the possibility of an ultimate battle between the Star Wars universe and the Star Trek universe.

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