A great combination of Geek culture and Christianity. We talk about Ghosts, Star Trek, Sparkly Vampires, The Big Bang, and where God fits into it all!

In this exciting edition of the show we are joined in studio by the adorable Lisa Twigg who discusses with us what a Christian horror movie looks like. We also talk about what it's like to work as a monster in a haunted maze as well as the first face to face conversation Ed had with Lisa! Also, hear about Jeff's dream for Kings Dominion's Haunt event!

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75-Greater than the Great Gatsby

the MOLDS talk Star Wars Days and the epic takedown of the infamous Don of the Con!

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74-Yes Ed, There Really Are Decepticon Cars...

In this edition of MOLDS episode 2 we discuss the inductees to the Toy Hall of Fame 2016. 

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73-Time Travel...Whoa!

in this late edition of our show, we discuss what's right and wrong with time travel as well as what it takes to get into the gun show!

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72-Onsies for Life

In this episode, The MOLDS discuss the upcoming surgery where a man will be getting a full body transplant. They also touch on Star Trek (Shocker) as well as why Onsies are amazing!

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71-Con Of The Mountain 2

In this episode, we record on stage at the historic Masonic Theater in Clifton Forge, Va. We are joined on stage by Jack from Con Of The Mountain and Bryan creator of Dark Legacy! We discuss the process of restoring the theater, The Con itself, & the future of Dark Legacy. We are also joined by a wide array of special guests in our live audience and get to hear about all kinds of cool things from them, just to show that you never know if you'll be on an episode if you show up to meet us!

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70-Flinstones NASCAR

Part 3 of 3 of our Syndcon specials! learn about the Holo Seat as we talk to it's creator! We also talk to Chyna's first Sparring partner... The White Knight/Knightmare about wrestling!

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In this, part 2 of 3 of our Syndcon specials, we talk to the folks from Impellar about their upcoming project!

Direct download: impellarfinal.mp3
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DC & Ed sit down with two of the developers of Ultima Online and discuss the game, Ferrits that stab you in the back, the green knight and how much he sux, marriage gifts & much more!

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67-Casting The Bible

Join the MOLDS as they discuss who they would cast in the biggest budgeted biblical epic ever to grace the big screen!

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In this episode we decided to do a biblical discussion where we discuss time travel in the Star Trek Universe and how it is used in the series in a way that doesn't break continuity. A special episode to celebrate our 66th show(#of books in the Bible) as well as the release of the new Star Trek film this weekend!

This is also the episode we get rid of the old theme and roll out the new one... It's a bit of a compromise!

Find us as always:



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65-Where's Jimmy?

The MOLDS2 talk with Joseph Cillo Jr author of the graphic novel "Blind Prophet"

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64-CritMiss the 3rd

Celebrate CritMiss with the MOLDS as the discuss the latest critical Misses in their lives!

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63-Awesomecon 2016 Special

Join the MOLDS as they meet new folks, try new things, and have a great time at AwesomeCon!!!

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62-3 Seeds/ Chara Games interview

In this episode, the MOLDS 2 crew talks with Patrick Lysaght, creator of Chara games!


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61-*Steaks Not Included

The MOLDS discuss Cons while DC talks with Jillian Ryan, Brian O'Halloran, and Bryan Tillman about Cosplay, all night gaming, and a few other things!

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60-Close Encounters of the MOLDS kind

We discuss Aliens in this episode. From Mac and E.T. to Lando! We also talk about our thoughts on the possibility of life out there and how God fits into all of it!

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59-Weaponized Hot Wheels

In this episode, we talk all things E-Sports!

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58-The Fork Is Mightier Than The Adipose

In this episode, the MOLDS talk about hand held devices, from Pens to lightsabers, to magic wands, we cover a lot! remember, may the fork be with you!

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57-Happy Valentine's Day!

This episode is all about Valentine's Day! what do we suggest as the perfect date? What do we suggest as the perfect gift? find out on this all new addition of our show!

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56-Master MOLDS Theatre

In this edition of MOLDS episode 2, we discuss books, Disney, and much more!

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55-Leprechaun Autopsy

The MOLDS talk about bad movies!

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