A great combination of Geek culture and Christianity. We talk about Ghosts, Star Trek, Sparkly Vampires, The Big Bang, and where God fits into it all!
1.3: Geek Equality

In this episode we talk about gender equality in Geek culture. How are women treated in the gaming industry, the comic industry, and the film industry? We also talk about things like stereotypical thoughts on women in the community, LARPing, Cosplay, and other related topics. In this episode we also touch on logging long hours into games and monks. A fun filled load of topics all inspired by the geek women we love!

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MOLDS Episode 2 :1.2

In this episode, we explore what super powers we would like to have, as well as our favorite geek movies, and what it's like being a christian geek!

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Our Pilot episode, The MOLDS crew explores the possibility of an ultimate battle between the Star Wars universe and the Star Trek universe.

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